Start Texas bbw online dating

Texas bbw online dating

No smokers, drugies, tatoos, nose rings etc, I would like you to be in touch with your butc side but not if you look like a man.

I've got my Mama's tongue and temper, sometimes my mouth could use a filter.

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I like mature Lesbians who are confident in their sexuality. I can eat tacos for every meal and wash it down with tons of coffee, cats are my fave, I love binge watching Netflix, I have a few tattoos and piercings, I live on my own with a great roomie in a house but we're about to move to a super cute apartment, sometimes I'm girly sometimes I'm not, I have a handful of close friends and I absolutely love them, I LOVE laughing all the time and I love a big smile.

I like agressive women but not so agressive they ae boring. I can be petty but only if I need to, I just HIGHLY value honesty and communication over anything.

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