Start Completely free sexual mastery

Completely free sexual mastery

1) Dating Apps Like Tinder: It’s no secret that Tinder is all a looks game. Many are more concerned about careers and “being independent”.

Do you ever get the sense that she’s not “with you” during sex?

When you’ve finished having sex, do you sometimes feel like you could have done more for her? Do your sexual encounters frequently last less than 15 minutes… Have you ever heard rumors of men who could have marathon sex for hours and hours, including having multiple, body-shaking orgasms…

I believe that this position is "the Magic Formula" because it is the most effective way for a maleand female to experience deep, psychologically and emotionally, simultaneous orgasms.

Although all of the other sexually skilled husband’s skills and techniques that we have discussedare positive and exciting, they are all, ultimately, just appetizers for the main course: mind-blowing,sensation-expanding, simultaneous orgasms.

and wondered how they do it (and if it’s possible for you to learn?

) Do you want to finish making love to your woman and KNOW, beyond any doubt, that she’s satisfied mentally, emotionally AND physically…

So, by calling the following position "perfect," I do not mean to imply that it is the only positionthat you should consider; absolutely not. In the year 2004, it is, generally, "politically incorrect" to put objective judgments on anything, letalone sex.