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Plenty of fish dating software

"All the adult penguins are now entering their breeding season and are busy making nests.

The company’s success presents a case study in the importance of engaging users on mobile devices, which the majority of millennials now use for daily computing purposes.

“Since our shift to mobile we’ve seen rapid growth both in terms of users and revenue,” said Plenty Of Fish founder and CEO, Markus Frind.

Inter Active Corp now has complete control over the mobile dating app market in English-speaking countries (e.g.

Thus, IACI now has complete control over English-speaking markets (e.g.

The dating website has also agreed to develop a compliance program, which includes training for its staff and changes to its policies, to meet the anti-spam requirements.

"This case is an important reminder to businesses that they need to review their unsubscribe mechanisms to ensure they are clearly and prominently set out and can be readily performed," said chief compliance and enforcement officer Manon Bombardier in a release.

A lonely penguin at an aquarium in England is hoping to find a mate by creating a profile on the dating website Plenty of Fish.