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)Manage Your Birth Control• Track any method that affects your period, such as the pill, patch, ring, implant, shot, and IUD.• Set discreet reminders specific to your birth control or menstrual cycle, even appointment reminders.

Spot On comes directly from the world-class sex educators at Planned Parenthood, so you know it’s reliable and safe.

Track Your Period & Menstrual Cycle• Your flow — from spotting to light to heavy days.• Your symptoms — fatigue, cramps, or stomach aches.• Your activities — exercise, sex, or sleep quality• Customize what you track and how you track it (new in v 2.2!

f you have an i Phone (pictured) that is constantly running out of space, this simple trick might help.

She follows him into a grocery store to watch him from a distance. He drops his sparkly, jewel-encrusted cell phone, which glints much like the ready-to-fuck fireflies that appear later in the film. She then decides to follow her boner, and runs away with the magazine crew.

The idea behind the Silva Method is that it trains you to reach your "Alpha Level of Mind," a deep level of consciousness that people achieve during meditation, according to creator Jose Silva.

The alpha level is associated with intuition and ESP and is also referred to as "centering." When someone meditates, scientifically they are simply reducing their brain wave frequency to alpha ("going to your center").

Relax & Sleep Well is a 27-minute hypnosis recording by the UK's best-selling, self-help audio author, Glenn Harrold.