Start Dating a nerd advice

Dating a nerd advice

And yet they don’t understand wy the harder they try to find one, the more it seems to slip from their grasp.

I was tall, went to the weight room after school daily, I was on the track and field team for shot put, discus, and cross-country, and I never knew what the “friend zone” was.

The way that I’ve always seen it is that if two people want to be with each other, the guy can be honest with the girl and vice versa and they feel comfortable to be both happy and angry with each other, and as long as the good outweighed the bad then what’s the problem? You want to know how to get yourself into the “friend zone? I’ve heard nerds say that, if a woman would just believe in him then he would attain greatness, or some other nonsense like that; I laughed. Guys don’t want to be with a woman with “baggage” any more than a woman wants to be with a guy with baggage. If you don’t believe in yourself then why should anyone ever believe in you? Being able to hang out with these guys and talk comics and hang out in their basements and play Dungeons & Dragons was great, but that’s not how you get a girl.

People just had to communicate and work things out. ” Worship women – they will friendzone you in a heartbeat. I could talk about comic books with my girlfriends. The same advice I offered then holds true today, I would never have come into anyone’s basement to play D&D with people I didn’t know, there had to be conversation first.

Eventually, I would get into a conversation with some of the guys and I started feeling a little like Ogre from “Revenge of the Nerds 2.” Once I became one with my inner nerd (translation, embraced by this subculture and capable of walking both worlds) I began to hear a very different perspective on girls.