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Little girl dating advice

For the last few months this has been by far the question I’ve received most often from readers.

Don't just dismiss some advice because it makes you a little uncomfortable.

The 23-year-old revealed: "A lot of things go through your head as a girl when meeting up with a guy in a normal situation, and you process everything. But what is good is that we’re so career-driven and have other things we’re focused on. " So what do you prioritise, your career or your relationship?

At the moment, the girls all decided that career is more important but Leigh-Anne promised that when it's marriage and kids, "it's a different story." Whilst Perrie believed it's all about 'finding a balance': "You need to find someone who won’t make you choose.

Perrie also discussed how to keep your own identity in a relationship: "Never let a man walk all over you or be in control of your happiness. When you start falling in love with someone, they become in control of your emotions. " Wise words, Pez, and possibly a few Zayn hints in there too...