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San Francisco State University is accredited by \href.\begin \title \page Calculus I at San Francisco State (California State System), now in its tenth year, is an online course which open to all students with sufficient background in algebra, notions of functions, and in elementary trigonometry.

We welcome students from domestic or international universities as well as professionals who are preparing for graduate schools.\page The final course grade is based on three components: (H) about 25 handwritten homework assignments, (P) your online contributions and participation on the social homework forum (hosted on piazza), and the (E) final comprehensive exam.

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The chat room is perhaps a wonderful invention of talented programmers as it has changed many things associated with the need to be in touch with friends.

Human beings who are therefore involved in a session of online chat are able to be aware of the whereabouts of the people whom they know and care for.

For questions about the course and its content and pedagogy email Professor Goetz at goetz @ sfsu .