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And I wanted to show how we (women) connect with Wanda—even extraordinary, glamorous, intellectual women like Léger or Loden, and even women generations younger than Wanda, like myself—how the book sucks in every woman who approaches it.’ road movie about a young woman, adrift in rust-belt Pennsylvania in the early 1960s, who embarks on a crime spree with a small-time crook. Inspired by the film, a researcher seeks to piece together a portrait of its creator. Hard to imagine that in the 1970s this place was thronged with thousands of visitors. Wow, that is an amazing image: that Japanese ‘The Joy of Sex’ thing. I think his work did influence those parameters, yes.

But it all starts with sexual attraction and arousal.

[Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to know if you can turn a guy on] If you’ve made a guy look at you in a more-than-just-friends kind of way, you’re there already.

Roman burial customs varied over time and space, so vessels deposited as grave goods, the usual source of complete ancient pottery vessels, are not always abundant, though all Roman sites produce plenty of broken potsherds.