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Speed dating reunion

Sure, thanks to Facebook you’ll know what their kids are doing and what they ate for dinner at that restaurant last weekend, but you don’t expect a second date. Who, like me, had discovered their calling later in life and made a significant career change?

- 17 h - 17 h 30 : Mot de bienvenue de la fédération et présentation du dispositif ;- 17 h 30 - 17 h 50 : Témoignage d'un.e volontaire et d'une structure accueillant un.e volontaire ;- 17 h 50 à 19 h : Speed dating entre associations & jeunes.

The purpose of a reunion can and should be about more than meeting in a room for a few hours every decade.

If a reunion means just the event, it can be pretty shallow and unsatisfying.

Some flew in from out of state for the event; most who attended live in the Chicago area.