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in Rome, at the “Sala Sinopoli” of the Auditorium Parco della Musica, Viale Pietro de Coubertin n. Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2015. Pursuant to article 11.1 of the corporate bylaws, the proxy may also be notified to the Company electronically up to the beginning of the Shareholders’ Meeting by using the aforesaid section of the Poste Italiane website dedicated to the present Shareholders’ Meeting. Sending the proxy signed with an electronic signature, pursuant to the regulations in force, to the aforesaid certified email address satisfies the in-writing requirement.

This essay represents a first attempt to document, with the support of archival material, the production of jewels with engraved stones, whether ancient or of later periods, and to examine the dealings the Castellani had with contemporary Roman gem carvers.2 The Castellani made use of ancient, Renaissance, and modern intaglios and cameos for their jewels.

Engraved stones had been used in jewels of the ancient world and of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, all of which inspired the Castellani.

Court styles in Napoleonic France breathed new life into the production of cameos and intaglios at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

As shown in portrait paintings, Empress Josephine Bonaparte and the princesses of the French imperial house set a new fashion trend by wearing splendid parures set with cameos and intaglios, in addition to those with sparkling faceted stones.4 According to French goldsmith and jewelry historian Eugène Fontenay, “Cameos were much in style during the first Empire, they wore them everywhere.”5 Unlike earlier work, however, cameos of the nineteenth century, which were intended almost exclusively for jewelry, were larger, more colorful, and often carved with subjects inspired by modern sculpture.

190 Share Capital € 1,306,110,000.00 fully paid in Taxpayer Identification and Rome Company Register n. by April 23 – additions to the list of items on the agenda, specifying in their request the additional matters they propose, or present proposals for resolutions on matters already on the agenda of the Shareholders’ Meeting (it being understood in the latter regard that whoever is entitled to vote may, in any case, individually present proposals for resolutions at the Shareholders’ Meeting).

Pursuant to article 126-bis of the Consolidate Law on Finance, shareholders representing, even jointly, at least 2.5% of the share capital may request – in writing and within ten days from the publication of the present notice, i.e.

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