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Phone call between President Ronald Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Britain October 26, 1983 1.28pm to 1.38pm Released by the Margaret Thatcher Foundation and taken from the Reagan Library archive We regret very much the embarrassment caused you, and I would like to tell you what the story is from our end.

Discoveries of pottery tools reveal that Arawaks from South America were the first settlers on the island, followed by various waves and ending with the Kalinago.

The French were the first European settlers in Carriacou around the 1740s.

The voyage of discovery of Kirani James, a string-bean teenage kid who had just completed his sprint all the way from the hard streets of Gun Battle, a ghetto area of the coastal fishing village of Gouyave, to world athletics championship glory in the faraway Korean city of Daegu, had ignited an extraordinary outpouring of national pride and exhilaration.

Yet when James, a kid running on gloriously raw, unpolished talent, rolled his way past reigning champion La Shawn Merritt to win the 400m title two days before his 19th birthday, we somehow felt as if we had all unearthed a precious new discovery.

During our planning session, Edwin Frank and I assembled an itinerary that was heavily skewed toward spices, once the country’s main industry.

We would visit a nutmeg processing center, a cocoa plantation and a chocolate factory.

Hurricane Ivan changed that in 2004, wiping out most of the trees, but there are whiffs of a rebound in the air these days.