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Josh Harrison When I can buy a 50" Plasma TV/monitor for my home with all the HD bells and whistles for about half that, someone is going to have to go a long way to convince me I'm getting what I paid for with this monitor.

Got a chance to look at this today, it's quite nice.

the link in i grabbed them from tpb and currently have the following under each torrent in transmission: "tracker returned an error: requested download is not authorised for use with this tracker." seems weird, as both are eztv releases (apparently), and ep 12 isn't even listed on this site.

Checking front and rear videos in real time through the Touch LCD Simple GUI allows anyone to touch and operate the system easily, and a PIP function for playback of front and rear videos is supported Convenient firmware upgrade with the FOTA function Users can upgrade the firmware wirelessly using the built in Wi-Fi and app at anytime without the inconvenience of downloading and installing from a PC Automatic power cut-off in high temperatures When the temperature rises up to a certain level in hot summers, the power supply to the Black Vue is cut off automatically to protect the Black Vue from extreme heat Its equipped with a 4 inch touchscreen LCD display, which can not only be customized, but it will also view recorded videos, as well as zoom in, using the Zoom, right on the screen.

There is a 4-inch touch screen resolution of 800 × 480 to control the settings and recorded.