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We identify these patterns by looking at the activity of millions of web users throughout the world, and using data normalization to correct for any biases.

The more traffic a site gets, the more data we have to calculate estimated metrics.

If you can compress your HTML, you can have a smaller size site.

The Event With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've set out to teach you how technology can make finding the love of your life much easier.

Come get your buzz on, meet some fellow singles and enjoy some enchanting melodies before the main event.

PM-PMBentley Mc Bentleson: The Science Behind What You Should (And Should NOT!

) Say In Your Dating Profile You're a funny, intelligent person with many interesting hobbies and you enjoy all the hit television shows, why do you only get messages from weirdos, perverts and those who begin a conversation with 'hey, wuts up?

' We'll take a look at the language behind an online dating profile, going beyond what is written and to discover what is being read.

If a site has Certified Metrics instead of estimated, that means its owner has installed code allowing us to directly measure their traffic.

These metrics have a greater level of accuracy, no matter what the ranking.

PM-PM Jazmin Hupp: Avoiding Horror Story First Dates...