Start Engaged after 4 months dating

Engaged after 4 months dating

Yes, well Bob has been dating for about 8 months and it was recently suggested to him that after 8 months, it was time to get serious or time to look for his spare key in the mail. This came as a surprise to Bob, who thought things were going smoothly and was thinking that if things kept on like this to the anniversary of the first date, it might be time to think about engagement rings.

Most of you know the trajectory of Aaron’s and my relationship.

Another one of my best friends proposed to his wife after they'd only known each other a few days and they married a month later.

I had a friend who left for college in September and came back engaged at Spring Break. They just celebrated his 1 year anniversary of arriving in this country and their 1 year wedding anniversary is soon. The kids love him, the dogs love him, he's got a cool accent, and so far no one has been raped, robbed, or murdered (I guess these fears are more specific to on-line romances than real life ones), so I guess it's a success.

Let it unfold further as it should and don't spend wasted energies on regret and being hung up over someone who walked out on you and chose to leave you.