Start Developing and validating rapid assessment instruments

Developing and validating rapid assessment instruments

Topics include the analyses of accounting; mathematics; spreadsheets; budgeting; planning; reporting; and managerial and financial controls.

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For example, Novartis obtained regulatory approval from more than 50 different countries for releasing their vaccine products using a rapid ATP bioluminescence sterility test.

More recently, stakeholders other than conventional pharmaceutical and biotech companies are beginning to embrace the need to utilize novel technologies that provide faster, automated and more sensitive microbiological results as compared with classical or conventional methods.

Of note, the fast-growing gene and cellular therapy industry is looking toward rapid and alternative methods to demonstrate sterility for products that have a shelf-life much shorter than the required incubation time for the current compendial sterility test (e.g., 2-5 days vs. Additionally, compounding pharmacies that follow United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Chapter can release high-risk level compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) before receiving the results of a sterility test as long as there are written procedures requiring daily observation of the incubating test specimens and immediate recall of the dispensed CSPs in the event of any evidence of microbial growth in the test specimens.

From a patient safety perspective, compounding pharmacies would benefit by using a validated rapid method that confirmed sterility prior to dispensing.

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