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Security group membership not updating

To address one of my internal requirement, I have added users to a group in active directory which has apply permissions on a GPO.

Don't want to have to go through these steps again... You MAY be able to use RUNAS to start a command prompt with a new session and specify your same account name again... but I'd be running most (if not all) things that need special permissions as services and/or under service accounts.

In my active directory setup (Windows Server 2012r2 acting as domain control), I have a group called "Test Computers".

Generally speaking, the existing TGT includes the data of current security group membership.

If I delete the existing TGT on the computer, the computer can receive a new TGT which includes the data of the latest security group membership.

So that takes care of Share Point becoming aware of AD group permission changes, but how about user claims being updated?

So, when user logs in to their workstation, they receive SIDs of groups they are members of, and this is used for the length of the session, until logging off.

Managed by the User Profile Sync service, Share Point queries AD to learn about new or removed users as well as group membership.