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The core tool of the DDGLC project is currently a relational database designed to connect linguistic and extra-linguistic data concerning types and tokens of all identifiable Greek loanwords in more ...

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Database and Dictionary of Greek Loanwords in Coptic (DDGLC)The DDGLC project is hosted by the Egyptological Institute -Georg Steindorff- of the University of Leipzig and funded by the Deutsche Forschungs­gemeinschaft as a long-term project with a projected lifespan ranging through 2024.

The DDGLC project seeks to produce a systematic, comprehensive and detailed lexicographical compilation and description of Greek loanwords as attested in the entire Coptic corpus through every dialect, each kind of text, and in pre-Coptic Egyptian.

Tracing the history of Coptic Bookbinding from early uses through modern applications can help illuminate its relation to advancements in the technology of the book.

The transition from scroll to binding was a long one, but it is connected to the spread of Christianity.

“True” Coptic bindings leave the spine exposed, but some later examples of this technique have been encased in leather wrappings (Peterson, 45).

The Coptic method of binding was first used to bind together leaves of papyrus in Islamic Egypt, and evolved alongside the ever-changing book technologies, binding everything from parchment to vellum and paper books.

Dating from the second century, Coptic bindings use a multiple loop stitch to bind page sections to a front and back cover.

This method of sewing together paged documents was common practice through the eleventh century (Peterson, 41).

Mark accompanied Paul and Mark's cousin Barnabas on their first missionary journey but left them and returned to Jerusalem. Mark ordained one bishop (Anianus) in Egypt and seven deacons founded the school of Alexandria and was martyred in Egypt in 68 A. According to Coptic tradition, Mark was tied to a horse with a rope and dragged to death by a mob of pagans on Easter, 68 A. Copts count him as the first of their chain of 118 patriarchs (popes).