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You can also make cheap calls to your family and friends back home, for free if they are also fring buddies or for low cost to non fring mobile numbers or landline destinations.

with fring all the communication needs are being answered for free when talking to other fring buddies.

Your rich messaging, voice, video and conferencing is for you from your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Though the sound quality doesn't match that of regular landlines, it can be improved by using a headset. Create a username and password, and you're all set to make your first call.

Instead of numbers, you create a contacts list of other people's Skype names.

You can easily create a family group that can enjoy group text, calling and video conformance as well as shared fring OUT credit for each and every group member.

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With fring you can continue talking, sharing, showing, rich messing and conferencing.