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Now I'm not saying one of us is better/worse or right/wrong, we're just different. I don´t understand why all these horrible news happen in the US. Cottage cheese is expensive here, so several years ago I learned to make my own ricotta cheese, since it's similar. I love chatting and meeting new people so I figured why not check out a new place to do so.

An answer to the question I’ve received so many times: “Is there a way to monitor my child’s i Messages on her i Pod touch/i Pad/i Phone?

This review doesn’t cover Android; there are differences between the two in terms of what is offered.

I used the service to take a look at i Messages and Instagram* (note that Instagram is no longer monitored by Teen Safe, but was during my initial review).

See below for some top-rated discussions from the last couple of days. The lady I used to babysit for told my daughter the other day that she would have her sleep over today so she can play with her daughter. The topic would not be the only factor, but definitely the number of active members on site - as well as timing. A sprinkle here and there while I was at work today but clouds and sun for the part. But since we aren't supposed to make posts about milestones or make "new discussions directed towards only one or a small group of other members" (per the... * On this day, I am thankful for toilets, toilet paper and babywipes.....

My daughter and I were out on the lake with the kayaks again this afternoon (she’s enjoying a very brief summer break from college classes). That following day, I was contacted by an Agency who offered an...

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Giving away, returning, or just lending your i Phone, i Pod touch, or i Pad and need to know how to clear off any porn -- er, adult content -- that might have somehow made its way onto your device?

Since you can’t just swap out an SD card on your i Phone(s AAPL) like you can with your old point-and-shoot camera, managing how much free space you have left on your Camera Roll is a vital part of being able to continue taking photos — especially for those among us with 16 GB versions of the i Phone packed with a whole lot of home videos.