Start Amy and fry dating futurama

Amy and fry dating futurama

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[Bender turns around and gasps at what he sees grafted to his butt.] BENDER You, sir, have defaced a national treasure! LEELA You just assume I can't get a Valentine's date? [Enter Amy.] AMY Hey, I'm taking my new car out for a spin to Mercury.

[Amy and Victor are now sat in the Beta Romeo.] VICTOR The luxurious seats are stuffed with eagle down and the dashboard inlaid with the beaks of a thousand eagles. VICTOR It is just, the luxury edition has so much more eagle. The mechanic lowers him to the ground and he gets up.] MECHANIC I installed shock-absorbing bumpers to reduce the risk of catastrophic butt failure. Well since neither of us has a date, why don't we...

Don't worry, I'm fine now, and I hope this story makes up for it. And it is obvious that you want to be more than friends, but I don't like you that way.

I shall try to upload more frequently with this fic as my mind is working better now (and it shall also depend on the reviews I get for this story, so if you want to see more of this, then leave good reviews! Also, about AOI, it has NOT been discontinued, it's just I've had difficulty with picking the 'What If? This was like, the 20th time Fry has asked her out, and Leela was getting sick of it."Come on Leela, why won't you go out with me? I don't think that I will ever like you that way"."Why Leela...?

Bender heads to the service department to have a bumper installed so his ass won’t explode during a rear end collision. sooner or later, that ass is gonna blow and when it does, I just pray you’re not mooning someone you care about." Bender decides to go ahead with the restoration and stay at the back of conga lines for the time being. They use every luxury feature her car has, using up all the fuel in the process.

Unfortunately, the new bumper looks like human buttocks and Bender will have none of that. Back at the office, Hermes reminds Fry that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. After calling for help, they wait a couple of hours for a tow.

Hi, I'm Malfunctioning Eddie and I'm malfunctioning so badly I'm practically giving these cars away! My parents promised if I got all B's they'd buy me a bar. A man with an accent introduces himself to Amy.] VICTOR Hello, I am Victor and I know many things about the art of unloading fine cars on beautiful women.

Nothing makes you feel more like a man than a Thundercougarfalconbird. I demand you restore my buttocks to their former glory.

The Credits Created Matt Groening Produced by Matt Groening David X Cohen Supervising Director Rich Moore Bret Haaland Directed by Chris Louden Writen by Ken Keeler CG Director Scott Vanzo The Voices Fry, Proffesor, Zoidberg, Brannigan Billy West Leela Katey Sagal Bender John Di Maggio Not Based on the Novel by James Fenimore Cooper There’s some really good animation concerning perspective and in the panoramic landscape shots.

It really does make you forget you’re watching a cartoon at times.

But seeing as I’m a Futurama fan and this is a cute episode, I wouldn’t recommend it.