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Free chat wiyh a male porn star

However, that's not necessarily true of other celebrities and athletes.

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Twitter has become the great leveler in the vast chasm that used to exists between us plebes and the celebrities we adore.

In ye olden days, one might have to send a letter by mail to a P. box (ew, stamps) to tell their favorite actor or singer how much they appreciated them.

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Unlike most celebrities who use Twitter like the rest of us do – following maybe 200-300 accounts that we actually read -- Justin follows over 122,000 people. Because there's a realistic possibility Justin will follow you back if you ask, people are asking him literally all day long.

What's the benefit of being followed by Justin since he follows roughly the six times the capacity of Madison Square Garden?

An eighth woman has come forward to accuse porn star James Deen of brutal sex acts, and a male actor and director who said Deen "doesn't like limits" supported her claim.

Porn actress Lily La Beau insists that Deen hit her so hard, it was “the most traumatic thing that’s happened to me in my career," according to Vocativ.

Fan clubs existed on the theory that in order to be around other people who liked a singer or actor as much as you did, you'd need to pay some dues and show up at monthly meetups, or getting a newsletter in the mail. Twitter basically exists for the purpose of fueling a non-stop Justin Bieber fan meetup - the sheer amount of accounts dedicated to only tweeting about Beebs is incredible; you can tell because they tend to have Justin somewhere in the username.