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Chile people dating and marriages

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To this day, money and other goods may be exchanged instead.

For example: there are also millions of Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Ukrainian, Japanese...immigrants in Brazil, and millions of Africans were taken to Brazil as slaves, and we can add an indigeneous population. Such concepts as Italian-American, Hispanic-America, Japanese-American etc. The Persident of Brazil (Michel Temer) could be called "Lebanese-Brazilian"..that would be ridiculous as he is just Brazilian. Cameron Diaz, Emilio Estevez, Dara Torres, Miguel Ferrer etc.

Same as America..why America is different from Brazil? mean nothing once the immigrant population is assimilated by the Anglo (English) demographic base which was brought centuries ago to the 13 English colonies which became the U.

Other variables, for example close-in-age exemptions, may exist and are noted when relevant.

In South America, the only country where male same-sex sexual conduct is illegal is Guyana, and the only countries with a higher age of consent for same-sex sexual relations than opposite-sex ones are Chile and Paraguay.

The below is a list of all jurisdictions in South America as listed in List of sovereign states and dependent territories in South America.

In South America, many countries have different levels of protection or of restriction for sexual activities with minors.

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