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Go for the variety grandiflorum if you can; it has slightly bigger flowers that start out as pink buds.

Both keep going through the summer, so you can enjoy scent from July to September or early October.

It bothers me that he has Jess on the outside but I think if he wasn't open to dating other people, he would have just left.

I go so much off the vibe I get when I meet boys – I might switch and go for someone different once I've spent time with them."Danielle Age: 22Occupation: Model What you need to know: "I hate really sensitive boys who get really upset. He's someone you shouldn't go for but I really like.

Alternatively, you can grow it with something spectacular but unperfumed, such as passionflower or a big, strong clematis – you can’t team jasmine with something too small or delicate, for fear it will take over and swamp it.

Jasmine needs a well-sheltered spot in sun or very light shade to do well.

Jasmine’s fragrance carries and fills the air with the rich, heady scent of hot Turkish delight and rose petal jelly – with added pheromones.

There, it makes you feel romantic just thinking about it. The best known is the old cottage garden favourite, Jasminum officinale, whose flowers are white.

I also don't like aggressive people who feel like they own you and tell you what to wear."Who she fancies: "My number one for personality is Kem. I don't have a set type – you don't know what you like until it's right in front of you."Ellisha-Jade Age: 22Occupation: Entrepreneur What you need to know: "I work really hard, and I have my own business, so I don't rely on other people. If they love themselves more than me, we have a problem."Amelia Age: 18Occupation: Part-time teaching assistant and model What you need to know: "I was a serial dater and I used to love it. Now I get scared of going on dates, whereas before I was like a dating guru.

Some girls really need a boyfriend, but I'm not one of those girls. I think I'd enjoy a date in the villa but it would make me nervous.

Cela ressort aussi très clairement des entretiens réalisés avec les jeunes femmes. Fait troublant: pas une femme interrogée ne se souvient qu'on ait abordé l'homosexualité pendant sa scolarité (à part via les conférences du Groupe de recherche et d'intervention sociale dans les écoles).