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Your Geofilter can cover an event or entire block — for an hour or up to ninety days. You’ll hear from Snapchat when your Geofilter is approved to confirm payment and details.

As society and our lives get further fragmented, humans are constantly in search of new ways to connect with each other; through social utilities like Facebook and My Space, as well as internet and Speed Dating.

Unfortunately, with a […] We do a lot of talking about love; wanting it, finding it, and keeping it alive once we have it.

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…[ read more ] Champagne has been the drink of choice amongst the rich and powerful for centuries.

It is imagined to be fabulous in every way, why shouldn’t it live up to its reputation?

Single women on the other hand, have long been seen as less […] Telling lies is something we’ve all done, and probably all do on occasion – some of us more than others of course.

By definition, a lie is a form of deception, which contains three characteristics: The liar intends to mislead or deceive, their lie communicates some information, and the liar knows what they’re saying is […] Being single is not usually our first choice as a relationship status.

However, hitting the road for a first-time adventure as a couple may take your relationship to a whole new level.

Just think about how much […] One thing we can be sure of in this world is our need to connect with others.

Each day, Snapchatters submit tens of thousands of Geofilter designs for their engagements and weddings, parties, vacations, graduations, and so much more.