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Ancient chinese dating system

Calligraphy, the ancient written word, is not just a method of communication but also a means of expressing the dynamic forces of the natural world.

Opera is a traditional form of stage entertainment, weaving together elements of mime, dance, song, dialogue, swordplay, and acrobatics into one fluid continuous flow.

Gestures, movements and expressions incorporated within each performer's script come together to bring forth an impressive performance.

The influence of Chinese civilization also spread to most its neighboring regions predominantly Japan, Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam.

With the highest mountains on earth the climate is quite cold and in the summer quite warm.

With Chinese characters, ten is ten-blank and eleven is ten-one (zero was left as a blank space: 405 is 'four blank five').

A noteworthy characteristic of the Chinese system, and one that represented a substantial advantage over the Mediterranean systems, was its predilection for a decimal notation.

Each strip was about 7 to 12 millimeters wide and up to half a meter long, and had a vertical line of ancient Chinese calligraphy painted on it in black ink.