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The second night was an expectedly cinematic affair — starting with the eccentricities of Malaysian indie rock band Lust, along with acclaimed Indonesian folk group The Trees & The Wild and the beloved Danish act Mew.

» Learning Basic Travel Bahasa Malaysia Pictures of China Town Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Pictures of Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Pictures of Little India Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Pictures of the Islamic Skyline Kuala Lumpur Malaysia FOR AN AN ISLAMIC CITY, THERE SURE SEEMS TO BE A LOT OF FUN HAPPENING IN KUALA LUMPUR OF A NIGHT.

Now, we all know that Bangkok is the city of the sin in the Orient, and that Reykjavik is the most happening city in Europe -- but did you know that Kuala Lumpur is a pretty wild city as well?

After all that eating you might need to work it off, and there is no better way to work off calories, than spend all night in a sweaty nightclub.

You only have to spend five minutes anywhere in KL on a Friday or Saturday night to realize that this is a party city?

To celebrate 15 years of providing us with good times, great performances and an immersive creative experience, this time around, the festival will be held in various locations all over the city.

Urbanscapes announced its final additions to the musical line-up, and it includes American ambient pop group Cigarettes After Sex, Thai rock trio Yellow Fang, Canadian duo Crystal Castles and South Korean act hyukoh.

Tickets for TTNG & Mylets are available here; for the other shows, tickets are available here.