Start Population demographics and internet dating

Population demographics and internet dating

This includes information on popular online activities, usage duration as well as demographics and country-specific online access.

Need links to research done in 2003 on the makeup of those who visit, or join, major internet matchmaking sites, like and cath-ga Cath: I need the ability to show some of the data to my client.

Total population in Japan From steadily low fertility rates to a growing elderly population, it is no secret that Japan’s population is shrinking.

Population growth rates jump around a little, but are currently following a declining trend.

A key reason given for the increase in ODS is September 11th.

People feel safer at home, yet they need interaction.

These services allow for some anonymity, yet create a sense of interaction with others.

Another reason is control over the pace of the relationship, being able to truly learn about someone (though some would argue that fact) and other control factors.

The number of people belonging to visible minority groups will double, Percentages are calculated as a proportion of the total number of respondents (32,852,325 in 2011) and total more than 100% due to dual responses.