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Advice about dating in college

Don’t open yourself up to someone who doesn’t deserve it. However, don’t go on much about your past relationships. Yes, first impressions are important in many scenarios, but keep in mind that things can change over time.

Yet this actually helps our relationship because we tend to look at things from varying perspectives, which often results in interesting and lively conversations.

College students hear the same advice over and over, from the importance of going to office hours to the need for extracurriculars.

I don't just want casual sex like most college guys I actually want to date and have a relationship....

Therefore, even though people change over time, your judgment in choosing a significant other is probably better because you have known these people for a while.

Yet there are some useful pieces of unconventional advice that often go unsaid.

"Many subjects you can study in college — like history, literature, languages, business, law, or art — are also subjects you could learn later, through personal or professional experience, or through independent reading."You can't just learn these hard skills through casual reading.

First of all, having a balance of common and different interests is very important.