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"Tony" De Berardinis Age 93, of Athens, Ohio, and formerly of Montour Falls, NY, died Saturday morning, July 29, 2017 at Hickory Creek Nursing Center, The Plains, OH. 18, 1923 in Waterbury, CT, he was the son of the late Lucio & Rose De Berardinis.

Materials include letters, printed matter and ephemera, clippings, nearly 500 art objects, sound recordings, motion pictures, and video recordings.

Name: Michael Kalos email Class of: 1989 Now living in: St. 28, 2013 Comments: Out of North Carolina just in time for our first winter in MN. Name: Darryl "Lazlo" Boyle email Class of: 1989 Now living in: Perryville, Maryland Date: March 1, 2012 Comments: If anybody remembers Lazlo, send me a holler. 🙂 Name: Trent Weller email Class of: 1989 Now living in: Gainesville, FL Date: Oct.

How sad…first you fail to ever land a date in high school then you fail all of your learning disabled classes at high school. Was it b/c my name was on every wall in the boy’s bathroom from 1987-1989? I’m sorry if you are still angry with me b/c I bought you that white 1972 Monte Carlo and made you drive it while I made out with Jason Bickers in the back seat…that wrong Waldo? Name: Doug Wharran Class of: 1989 Now living in: New Port Richey Date: Mar. , I sure am glad that Carasco figured out something to do with his free time, Hawaiian boys are much safer now that he has finally hung up his trench coat for good and spends all of his time indoors on the computer letting all of my classmates know how much I love hot-air-ballooning and eating at Bob Evans, okay the Bob Evans comment is true but the rest are just the ramblings of a maniac. 6, 2009 Comments: Hey Buccaroos, Doug E Fresh here! He is recovering from his burns and should be back to 100% (or his version of it) in a few short weeks.

And, just when I think you have finally made something out of yourself by becoming a security guard at an elementary school, I decide to stop by this website to check on my little baby and I see that you have resorted back to your old silly pranks that got you in trouble back in school. Love you bro, hope to see all of you at the reunion where I am positive if properly motivated, John Domino and Scott Schramm will team up once again to sing Careless whisper. Name: Doug Wharran Class of: 1989 Now living in: East Side NPR! I’ve just returned from a three-year-long hot air balloon trek across our great nation, all the while competing in numerous cross country Yahtzee tournaments that took me to thirty nine states (my record was 479-184-3). Apparently bullet proof vests do not provide any protection from Dunkin Donuts coffee. Name: Walt De Pietto Class of: 1989 Now living in: Banana Republic Date: Feb.

The literal thief in the night then slips into a nearby stable and emerges on a thoroughbred horse that he rides at a gallop across the darkened plains, saddle-less and wild, his arms exultantly raised to the heavens.

It’s an exhilarating beginning to Kyrgyz director Aktan Arym Kubat’s enchanting sixth feature, and it signals the fable-like register in which the film exists: There’s beauty, bawdiness and melancholy in this tale, which feels so ancient it might have been woven into a carpet and passed down through the generations as a family heirloom.

He lives a simple life as a family man; he’s married to deaf-mute Maripa (Zarema Asanalieva), and they dote on their young son, whom he and Maripa fear may also be mute and are trying to coax into talking.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush, Leighton Meester and Sebastian Stan, the list goes on.

But the endearingly empathetic central performance — from the director in the title role — and the freedom and lyricism of Khassan Kydyraliev’s photography give an airy realism to even the most arcane detail.

Perhaps it’s because the intention here is not to cast an anthropological eye on a disappearing culture, though the film has academic value in that regard too.

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