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Later it was besieged by the Habsburgs and set on fire.

During the Middle Ages, Satu Mare and Mintiu were two distinct entities, but between 17 the two gradually united under one administration.

On 2 January 1721 Emperor Charles VI recognized the union, at the same time granting Satu Mare the status of free royal city.

The Association for the Promotion of Women in Romania opposes legalized prostitution, as they view prostitution as "another form of violence against women and girls". With more whore houses, erotic massage parlors and adult shops per square inch than most places in Eastern Europe, you could be forgiven for thinking Bucharest was the sex capital of the continent.

Alexander Shatilov put the bar on 14.400 early on, to be overtaken only by crowd favourite Marian Dragulescu.

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The 18th century marked the beginning of an intense urbanization process of Satu Mare, some of the main attractions in the city dating from this period: the old city hall, the military barracks, the Catholic and Reformed churches. During the early 1800s, the first large industrial companies were founded: the steam mill, the brick factory, the Neuschloss wood-processing factory, the lumber factory.