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Paolo dating

“I just don’t like people getting bashed or people making up things just to destroy a person because ayaw nila sa kanya or ayaw nila sa akin. Avelino's last known relationship was with KC Concepcion.

However they went on to part ways in March last year - but reconciled once again that August after the singer confessed to Amber: 'Life is s**t without you.'The singer has earned himself something of a wild reputation in recent weeks, after he appeared at Paisley Sheriff Court last month for drink driving.

The Last Request crooner was accused of driving while more than twice the legal limit in his hometown of Paisley, Renfrewshire, in February.

Nonetheless, the actor’s supporters were quick to repost the photos, which were supposedly taken at the luxury resort Amanpulo in Palawan, in other social networking sites.

The pictures were originally shared by Villaroman’s mother on Facebook although they have already been taken down.

'Amber has found comfort in Jordan and the pair really click,' they continued, 'which is evident given the events they are attending together.' The new couple were first seen at the launch of Alexa Chung's clothing line in May, and went on to attend the star-studded Glamour Women Of The Year Awards one month later.

Mail Online has contacted representatives of both Amber and Paolo for comment.

However he’s done a U-turn and begged for her back, telling her (some might say a little poetically) ‘Life is s**t without you.’ A source has more: ‘There was no animosity when Paolo and Amber split.