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Dating fender japanese

WD offers many more Tele pickguards than shown here.

We are committed to preserving these classic vintage guitars and we know we are not alone in our affinity for them.

The list goes on and each is an icon in its own right.

Starting in 1988 neck dates began to be stamped in black ink with 3 letter abbreviations for the month.

Also, this may have taken place earlier we just haven't been able to determine how much earlier.

Guitars respects the intellectual rights and property of the owners, luthiers and salespeople at the Fender Guitar Corporation.

Registered trademarks/designs of the Fender Guitar Corporation include, but are not limited to, Fender, Strat, Stratocaster, Tele, Telecaster, Jaguar, Mustang, Tele, Telecaster, Custom Shop, EXTRAD, Custom Edition, etc.

It was also not uncommon for some necks to leave the factory without a neckdate, this appears to be a bit more common among guitars from the late 1980's.