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That first year was really hard to navigate because I knew every time my friend saw the story on TV or online, it would be really difficult for her.

Code is currently built as follows into a string: str Open HT...

Essentially I need to make a call from one site for a page, populate the page and return it in a state as though it resided on the same server/webspace as the calling page.

That backlash has made sharing my story difficult over the years.

I have even been judged, which I was not prepared for as I recovered in the hospital and attempted to regain some semblance of a normal life.

I don't regret keeping her out of my interviews, which led to a lot of recovery and healing for me along the way.

I was flattered that people were interested in my story, and I got letters from all over the world from people who had gained strength and inspiration after hearing about my perseverance.

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