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These depictions oversimplify Maasai life during the twentieth century.

Mashoko’s success presented a turn in the tournament’s dynamics, inspiring other rural schools to promote football.

It also shaped the spirit of Copa International Camp in Brazil, where 116 teens from 28 countries came together for five days of training, friendly competition, camaraderie and service.

“What has really impressed me is to see how big Copa Coca-Cola has grown… What began as a collaborative effort with Zimbabwe’s government has expanded to 60 countries, reaching more than 1.3 million young players worldwide.

Zimbabwe will be up against Netherlands in the first match of 3match ODI series.

Dear Prophet Magaya When the 2017 Castle Lager Premiership season started, your team Yadah FC was a breath of fresh air in its debut season in Zimbabwe’s top flight.

Yadah were doing particularly well after an opening goalless draw with Harare...

Fraudulent Prophets, pastors, traditionalists and faith healers will soon be banned from working without a practising certificate from the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council, Health and Child Care Deputy Minister Dr Aldrin Musiiwa has said. Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday left the venue of President Robert Mugabe’s rally in Gwanda in an ambulance and was immediately airlifted to Gweru after he started vomiting amid fears he could have been poisoned.

President Robert Mugabe arrives at Phelandaba Stadium in...

“We are all aware that Zimbabwe has continued to experience a dwindling investment space, as foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows continue on a downward trend,” he said.

“It is sad to note the negative statistics, but the country is presented with an opportunity for economic transformation, growth and development through the implementation of SEZs.” Mpofu said the board will be responsible for supervising the approval of SEZ licence applications and granting of all relevant permits within five days, while working with the Zimbabwe Investment Authority and local authorities among other key stakeholders.

Prior to British colonization, Africans, Arabs, and European explorers considered the Maasai formidable warriors for their conquests of neighboring peoples and their resistance to slavery.