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Naked women over fifty free

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There’s Sharon Stone, all 59 years of her, looking gorgeous in a bikini — one of those two-piece affairs you probably owned for a summer or two in the Eighties. Cut off her head (a bit harsh, but I bet some are tempted) and look at the body, and you couldn’t age it. There were no lumps, bumps or overhang, and — pass me a 99 with an extra Flake — she had a six-pack.

Description: Go the distance in this breathable short-sleeve running shirt that’s crafted from lightweight moisture-wicking Flash Dry™ fabric with UPF 30 to keep you cool and protect you from the hot summer sun.

Body-mapped mesh venting speeds up drying time and raglan ...

For surely, we think, looking at these women, it can’t be so hard to maintain a bikini-worthy body well into middle-age? Let no one be fooled: a hellish world of hard work, discipline and hunger goes into those bodies.

If only I wasn’t so greedy and lazy I, too, could look this good, couldn’t I? Gwyneth Paltrow (not in the 50 club yet, but she’ll be welcomed with open arms) at least admits she ‘works her butt off’ to look as good as she does.

You could console yourself by remembering Sharon and Halle knew the camera was on them, and had time to pull everything in and check sympathetic sun angles, but then Courteney Cox (aged 52), Cindy Crawford (aged 51) and Paul Mc Cartney’s wife Nancy Shevell (aged 57) ruin it all by getting snapped by paparazzi looking beautiful while letting it all hang out — only nothing was hanging out. Appalling luck with men, but no bad bikini pictures. Women my age — I turn 50 in September — will feel sadness and anger looking at these photos.

Sad we didn’t relish our bikini days while we had them, and angry we let them go.

They are all free from animal-derived ingredients and have not been tested on animals at any point in production.

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