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The damage is less from registration itself than from having their status as a registered sex offender disseminated to the community and, indeed, to the entire world.

Being identified as a registered sex offender elicits public hostility, fear, and loathing—strong emotions that motivate conduct that all too often far exceeds legitimate safety precautions.

Unnecessarily expansive community notification laws (especially when combined with residency restrictions, described in the next chapter) may drive more and more offenders underground, away from supportive services like sex offender treatment, and away from the supervision and monitoring of law enforcement.

Harsh enduring consequences also provide little incentive for former offenders to live without offending.

- Two people have been convicted of child sexual abuse in Rockbridge County.

Robert Clark was sentenced to 65 years and Samantha Simmons to 43 years in prison in a case that Chief Deputy Commonwealth Attorney Jared Moon calls the most disturbing sex crime that he's ever encountered as a prosecutor.

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