Start Outlook not updating calendar schedules

Outlook not updating calendar schedules

For the Exchange 2010 settings, I have changed the EDP Internal URL and my HTTP redirect to the correct address. When you get the "autoconfiguration was unable to determine your settings" error, this means that either the local PC couldn't locate the autodiscover record for your domain or the local PC couldn't locate the server listed in that autodiscover record.

Click on a date in the Date Navigator, found at the top of the To-Do Bar.

Click Day, Week, or Month to switch between the views.

Step 2: In the Appointment window, click the Show As: box in the Options group on the Appointment tab.

There are five options in the drop down list of Show As: box: Free, Tentative, Busy, Out of Office, and Working Elsewhere. Step 3: Compose your appointment, and click the Save & Close button.

For the Proxy Server issue, I have reapplied the Group Policy to all users.

Somehow, my GP has been reset too, and I don't know why.

If your Schedule Once bookings are not showing up in Outlook, you are seeing double bookings in Outlook, or your availability is not reflected correctly in Schedule Once, there could be a number of different causes for this.