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This shows that the document comes from the period between these two revolts.

Attachment is more about self-preservation and self-gratification. People feed off on one another, instead of nurturing each other.

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It began with a Book - an ancient Book, to be sure, nearly three millennia old, one that had inspired countless numbers in Western civilization and been the subject of much study.

It involved, among other things, an account of a battle, of an army attacking and taking a Great City.

But he too ran out of time; it was left to The Archaeologist to take the matter further.

The Archaeologist was a visionary, but also something of a scoundrel; nevertheless, it was his personal mission to prove that the account of the battle of the Great City, as recorded in the Book, was trustworthy.

The son of Aelius Nicon, a wealthy architect with scholarly interests, Galen received a comprehensive education that prepared him for a successful career as a physician and philosopher.

Born in Pergamon (present-day Bergama, Turkey), Galen traveled extensively, exposing himself to a wide variety of medical theories and discoveries before settling in Rome, where he served prominent members of Roman society and eventually was given the position of personal physician to several emperors.

I was always seeking something in return from my object of desire.

I needed constant affirmations from the person I adored.

The name commonly used today is derived from the Greek word for to write: Graphein.