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The court then proceeded to elect a surveyor of land. Then it was ordered that the clerk of the court be permitted to "keep" his office in any suitable house to be selected by him, either in town of West Union or Lewisport, until a suitable office can be prepared. In 1863 he was wounded at the engagement of Mine Run. and William Gatrell, his brothers, were members of the 6th West Virginia Infantry, and the first-named was made prisoner in 1863, and sent to Salisbury prison. Benson, born February 14, 1843, died at Toll Gate, Ritchie county, West Virginia 26June 15, 1878. Gatrell married Jennie, daughter of Joseph and Ruthie [Harris] Davis. Gatrell have one adopted daughter, Daisy Alice, born August 26, 1878. Gatrells postoffice address is West Union, Doddridge county, West Virginia.mayor of West Union, has been a resident of Doddridge county since April 29, 1870.

Based on the 1988 John Waters movie that starred a young Ricki Lake, the 1960s-set musical centers on zaftig teen Tracy, whose quest to appear on the “American Bandstand”-like “Corny Collins Show” introduces her to the civil rights movement.

The musical version of “Hairspray” in turn inspired a 2007 movie adaptation directed by Adam Shankman before NBC chose to revive the show for its latest live musical telecast, “Hairspray Live!

BBC bigwigs clamour to pay tribute to The Media Show presenter Steve Hewlett, who has died from cancer aged 58. Reflecting last year on a leaked report by Dame Janet Smith into the BBC’s conduct following the Jimmy Savile revelations, Hewlett commented: ‘Here is an organisation that doesn’t look like your friend any more.

The musical “Hairspray” wowed Broadway in the summer 2002 and went on to win eight Tony Awards, including the top trophy for new musical.

Article 1st of that act defined the boundaries of the new county to be as follows: Beginning on the South fork of Hughs river at the mouth of Sugar Camp run at James Grays, thence a straight line to the gap at the head of the Right Hand fork of Bone creek thence a straight line to the mouth of Sand fork and Finks creek; thence following the dividing ridge between the waters of Middle Island creek and Finks creek and the West Fork of Monongahela river on said ridge to the Northwestern turnpike road; thence north with the said ride to the corner of the Harrison and Tyler County line; thence on the ridge between Mc Elroy creek and Fishing creek; thence with the said ridge to the head of Geroges run [a branch of Mc Elroy]; thence a straight line to the mouth of Flints run; thence a straight line to the mouth of Arnolds creek; thence a straight line to the Nonwestern turnpike road at toll-gate number eleven; thence a straight line to the place of beginning, shall form one distinct and new county and be called and known by the name of Doddridge county. Cowman, Samuel Cumberledge, Owen Davis, John Die, John C. Her father was born in Greene county, Pennsylvania, her mother in Tyler county, and the date of their marriage was May 5, 1841.

And be it further enacted, that the county surveyors of the counties of Harrison, Tyler, Ritchie and Lewis, and the new county of Doddridge, shall be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to run and mark the lines between the said counties as designated by this act [any three or more of whom may act for that purpose], which, when run and marked, shall be taken and held as the dividing lines between the said new county of Doddridge and the several counties from which it was taken. Eleazar Freeman, born in Mahoning county, Ohio, married Elizabeth Smith, who was born in Greene ounty, Pennsylvania.

Harvey Fierstein/John Travolta/Harvey Fierstein On stage, Tracy’s mother Edna is always played by a man — in a nod to Divine, the drag queen who appeared in a slew of Waters films and played Edna in the 1988 movie.