Start Vybz kartel and gaza slim dating

Vybz kartel and gaza slim dating

[Intro: (Vybz Kartel)(Gaza Slim)] Gaza Forever As one gone, a next one born Introducing Vanessa Bling..Gaza Slim Fi di gyal dem weh tell dem man seh.. ) Mi protect my man, and protect myself No boy can laugh after my boyfriend Them think seh mi gi' weh di pussy easy Mi laugh afta dem Hahaha Mi nuh frighten fi money Hahaha Mi nuh frighten fi bling Nuh waste yuh time calling, you a go hear di same fucking thing [Chorus: Gaza Slim] Da pussy ya Dedicated to the man weh mi love Baby, mi nuh waan no other man One man, to mi pum pum, yeah!

Palmer was later part of the three-member group "Vybz Cartel", keeping the name after the group split up, and became a protege of Bounty Killer, for whom he claims to have written nearly 30 songs, including "Gal Clown".

He has two sons who are also recording artistes, namely: Little Addi and Little Vybz Kartel's singles have achieved cultural ubiquity across the Caribbean, including "Ramping Shop" (2009), "Summer Time" and "Dancehall Hero" (2013).

Having collaborated with a number of internationally prominent hip hop and R&B artists such as Major Lazer, Rihanna and Jay Z.

So when he does positive songs, like this, they should talk about it too," Gaza Slim said.