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Luis Sánchez Saturno/The New Mexican The Light House: David Segura’s home on Terra de Coral Street serves as a beacon of good cheer, with its bright lights stripped all around, covering trees and bushes.

Torticollis as a presenting symptom can represent a number of pathologies, some of which are related to dystonia.

The word torticollis comes from the Latin where the head is tilted, ear to shoulder While this is often benign, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s yet another seemingly innocuous condition which can sometimes represent some important and sinister pathology and as such it’s worth thinking about carefully, both in the context of immediate management and appropriate safety-netting, review and follow-up.

Some instructors even welcome our singing along with the lyrics, like a favorite of mine, "Shut up and dance with me! People who don't exercise find a variety of reasons for not participating.

Clyde Mueller/The New Mexican Ramirez, 39, has already thought that through.

If the patient has a history of trauma and meets criteria for imaging then radiographs may be helpful as dystonia can occur in the presence of bony injury.

While movements should be minimised, please don’t try to force these patients into a rigid collar! Perform a neurological examination and check the history carefully to make sure there are no features which might point you to possible sinister causes – think fever, weight loss, night sweats, reduced appetite…

But most of us find exercising to music to be motivating and infinitely more enjoyable.