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An ignorant, wannabe-Jamaican British b-boy; an anti-Semitic, misogynistic but friendly Kazakhstani television reporter; and a homosexual Austrian fashonista--all played by Sacha Baron ...

C&C: Generals, PC-CDROM, EA, £29.99 ***** Command and Conquer: Generals follows in the same vein as preceding versions.

[Bono]America, God bless you if it's good to you America please take my hand Can you help me underst-New Kung Fu Kenny[Kendrick Lamar]Throw a steak off the yacht To a pool full of sharks, he'll take it Leave him in the wilderness With a sworn nemesis, he'll make it Take the gratitude from him I bet he'll show you something, woah I'll chip a nigga little bit of nothin'I'll chip a nigga little bit of nothin'I'll chip a nigga little bit of nothin'I'll chip a nigga then throw the blower in his lap Walk myself to the court like bitch I did that x-rated Johnny don't wanna go to school no more, no more Johnny said books ain't cool no more (no more)Johnny wanna be a rapper like his big cousin Johnny caught a body yesterday out hustlin'God bless America you know we all love him Yesterday I got a call like from my dog like 101Said they killed his only son because of insufficient funds He was sobbin', he was mobbin', way belligerent and drunk Talkin' out his head philosphin' on what the lord had done He said: K-Dot can you pray for me?

He decides that in his quest for worldwide fame, he will move to Los Angeles and reinvent himself.

Accompanying him to the US is Lutz, his former assistant's assistant.

He has his own fashion based television show, Funkyzeit, the most popular German-language show of its kind outside of Germany.

After he disgraces himself in front of his Funkyzeit fan base, he is ruined in German speaking Europe.

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