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The "official" definition of an internet chat room is "a form of Synchronous conferencing" or "computer-mediated communication" but the truth about chat rooms can only be ascertained by knowing the origins of the chat room.

Before humans developed the requisite technology to pirate music and movies, they spent their internet time in archaic and chaotic information exchanges known as "chat rooms." Example of a chat room (real example not a joke): [] caliboy(1blood): any 1 a blood or crip [] caliboy(1blood): im a blood [] princecharming: lol a gangsta in a chattroom [] caliboy(1blood): **** u [] caliboy(1blood): i pop u cracker ===Birth=== UGLY Originally the concept of the chat room was formed when Osama Bin Laden traveled back in time to try and destroy the rise of western civilization before it began, however his attempts were in vain as Chuck Norris discovered Osama's plans and traveled back in time to stop him.

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However these geeks did not realize that they were slowly spreading the evil of Bin Laden, in their perverse (and slightly limp-wristed) role playing.