Start Updating a 1960 ranch home

Updating a 1960 ranch home

• Add color with a fresh coat of paint and accent trim.

Now, after 40-some years out of trend, the open, one-story style is gaining favor once more.

Younger and first-time home buyers are revisiting ranch design, drawn by the appeal of an informal and laid-back layout and the typical affordability of these mid-century homes.

DIYing really is the best way to express your unique style!

One of my favorite places to see the DIY creativity is in kitchen islands.

Any time we feature an amazing kitchen transformation, I love to take note of just how much character you can DIY into a kitchen!

We see kitchens that are mixing styles that I would never think of — and they look amazing and their owners love them because they are a perfect fit for their exact style.

Architect Cliff May is credited with building the first ranch-style home in San Diego in 1932, followed by California real estate developer Joseph Eichler’s mass-produced version that become so popular in the 1950s.