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He is an interesting fellow; besides his unique former press credentials he also was instrumental in the 2006 TIP report that embarrassed Japan into adopting stricter anti-trafficking measures.

I don't recall seeing any such bars or pubs in Japan, and Wikivoyage says they don't exist much. And it will give you a new perspective on Japanese and East Asian culture because of the many obvious influences between the two yet also being totally different to each other. More than you would think or can see on the street.

The most dense accumulation of Bars is generally around busy subway and train stations, often under the arches of a railway bridge going through the city.

Adelstein complied, but after the story leaked out through a different channel, the yakuza placed the blame on him.

Rather than trying to hide, he reasoned that it made more sense to speak out as much as possible about what he knows.

For night life, bars tend to be the best choice (over Izakaya or Night Clubs) because they are focused on smaller groups of drinkers and are generally quiet enough to talk in.

These can be found in almost any city, though they probably won't start filling up on weekdays until after 7 or 8pm. To be clear, I'm not talking about hostess bars or "Girls' bars", nor "Philippines pubs" (フィリピンパブ), which, according to uncovery, are hostess bars where the staff are Filipino, which often have live music or karaoke.

The pub was called "Oxo" - official site, critical blog post about it stating that the decoration was authentic, but the food wasn't.