Start Bf2 bfhq not updating

Bf2 bfhq not updating

EA, DICE and Game Spy are all aware of this issue, and we are working promptly to make headway against the back log while also ensuring that this issue does not recur once the game has reached shelves all across Europe tomorrow.

TCP 40 UDP/TCP 29900 TCP UDP 279-4999 UDP/TCP 1024-110 UDP/TCP 2793-55125 UDP/TCP 18300 UDP/TCP 185-9969 ============================== III.

NOTE - This feature is only available on X-Fi soundcards with support for "Gaming Mode". A guide to setting up your soundcard, plus details of compatible hardware can be found at order to play Battlefield 2142 online, you must have the following ports open in your firewall.

For example, play BF2 and level up your character a few times. Instead, exit out of BF2 and open up Special Forces (why it requires this I still have no idea). If you play a lot today, for instance, and the little experience bar doesn't seem to have moved, come back tomorrow and check it again. To get all weapons you need one round in "Special Forces", after that you get two weapons per rank.

You can now unlock certain weapons only available in the DLC. If game kicks you with message "get an expansion pack" - just make sure you play latest patch, because in older patch expansions are not free.

Also stats are only sent in at the end of each round.

If you quit in the middle of the round, they might be lost, havn't verified that yet..

palkkatappaja Go pack your bags and piss off back to BF2HUB then.

Do you think BF2HUB could handle close to 10K Active Players in 24 Hours? But as Spencer said: Snapshots are slowly processing, please allow some time :) Thx for fixing, keep up the good work and the revive.

Needless to say, the passion that players have for Battlefield 2 has blown us away, and while we have been able to keep up with the demand for slots on Ranked servers (thanks to our many partners worldwide) we have run into some issues in processing the data from the nearly 400 Ranked servers we have deployed.

As many in the Community have noticed, stats updates are taking about half a day to be reflected within BFHQ at this time.

Everything was at 0 and still is at 0So anybody know when they show up?