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Polyamoury dating sites

Who better to answer the questions of the curious than someone who just asked those questions themself?

This is known as the "first wave" of modern non-monogamy.

came during the free-love/hippy/commune era of the 1960s and 1970s, spurred on by the sexual revolution when traditional values were first openly challenged by those who would see the "establishment" burnt to the ground.

Polyamory places people in the center of the cyclone, with an abundance of opportunities to confront these opposing forces and to learn from their mistakes along the way.

These opposing forces must be reconciled before we are truly free to love and therein lies one of the biggest gifts polyamory has to offer.

Modern western polyamory in its current forms has been around since experimental religious colonies of Quakers and Shakers have given the idea of a "complex marriage" a shot, such as the Oneida colony.

The first Mormons practicing polygamy were close to polyamory, but since the women weren't allowed to take on multiple husbands, most polys will argue that they were not practicing polyamory.

At the start of the sexual revolution in the 1960s, many people thought that creating honest nonmonogamous relationships would be easy.