Start Liquidating recording studio in colorado

Liquidating recording studio in colorado

The only effects he used were a Studer B67 for slap tape delay and the reverb from his studio's echo chamber, and the only outboard was a Fairchild 660 compressor and a Pultec EQP-1A3 EQ on the lead vocals, and an old Universal Audio EQ on the stereo mix.

“Tape is now the holy grail for musicians,” he says, welcomed by both industry veterans who miss the format’s sine-wave warmth and by indie twentysomethings who are experiencing full bandwidth after a lifetime of listening to highly compressed MP3s.

Nathan Chapman, Swift’s record producer, says the 21-year-old loves the sound of analog tape as well as the way it changes the recording process.

“Taylor’s young and she has the energy to go the extra mile it takes to record in analog’s more limited number of tracks,” Chapman says.

“A lot of older recording artists have gotten used to the convenience of digital. When recording vocals to Pro Tools there’s always a tiny bit of latency, for the analog-to-digital conversion process.

Sooy this date six twelve inch wax records for manufacturing made by the Western Electric Co., recorded from the second concert broadcasted by the Victor Company thru WEAF of New York, on January 15..." WEAF was the New York broadcasting station owned by AT&T, and Bell Laboratories had been using these radio broadcasts for several years to make electrical recording experiments.

It required Victor and Columbia each to make an up-front payment of $50,000 (equivalent to more than $600,000 in current value.

Augunas' decidedly nonconformist working methods and choices of gear played a substantial part in helping to steer them to their breakthrough.