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Of course I am 31 and single and have never really had a relationship.

Also, there are usually intense negotiations between the parents of the boy and girl, with the parents having ''as much contact as the kids, if not more,'' he said. ''I have my limits.'' Not all parents in the community agree with her, Ms. ''Nobody wants to admit to another parent that they openly sanction this,'' she said, ''but there certainly is a desire among some parents, however misguided it may be, for their children to be popular.'' Terry Tierney, the father of a 10-year-old son, said he was ''flabbergasted'' when the fifth grader told him he wanted to double-date with a friend.

BETSY DAVIS knew she would be having this conversation with her elder son one day. ''He came home from school one afternoon and told me he wanted to take his girlfriend on a date to the movies,'' said Ms. ' My son is only 11 years old.'' Some parents might consider Ms.

Davis, the volume of her voice rising with each word. Davis fortunate, for they report having similar conversations with children even younger, only 9 or 10.

Instead, it is largely an attempt to act grown-up, a force that now pervades childhood more than ever before. ''Parents suddenly find themselves hassling with issues they did not expect to deal with until adolescence.'' Dr.