Start Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior wicket 1 4

Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior wicket 1 4

The first step was to create an implementation of Ajax Event Behavior which created a new instance of the statistics panel to replace the “Loading…” message component. The associated HTML of this base class defined the Great, so I can access the body tag – but now I’ve broken the hierarchy, all the components now need to be added to the body tag, not the page.

So, extensibility hooks were introduced in later CMS versions, allowing you to ignore boilerplate code and focus on the actual feature you're trying to implement in your Add and/or Rename dialog. We'd like to restrict those names to a predefined list of allowed names.

Trying to use the CMS, CAS filter puts the username of the authenticated user into the http-request Remote User attribute.

In order to et confidence with the authentication and the authorization in Hippo CMS I suggest you to read this post on hippo site.

A new requirement arrived this week to display a load of statistics on the main page of the application.